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Watched the movie "Kashmir Files" that got released in Trivandrum, albeit with some hesitation. It is shown barely in one or two shows, that too in the most inconvenient and unholy timings.

"Dead don't speak; their souls need to be listened to".

Feeling a lump in your throat while watching a typical tragic 'fiction' film is momentary, easy and common . But watching this film was much beyond that. You will be forced to 'live' those painful moments, especially if you know hindi language and having visited Kashmir. Guys, crying is not a crime if you feel like it. Just cry out.

The success of the film proves that Untold Truths, Raw Facts & Honest story-telling in Movies cannot be suppressed for long. The film ignites emotions of the living victims and their near ones, their next generation. 
It even sparked debates in the news media after 32 years demanding the 're-opening' of the genocide files. 
Those who didn't know much about this genocide earlier, should feel ashamed and guilty. Me included. Though I have heard a little about the genocide lately, not to this painful detail. In spite of the total detachment by the so called professional  'entertainers' of India, this small yet powerful film is breaking the ceiling of Box Office. And it is increasing organically day by day. Well deserved.

I need to mention here about the exemplary performances by living it through. Anupam Kher (who is Kashmiri Pandit himself and essayed the role), Muthun Chakraborty, (as the one stuck in between the hunters and the hunted), Darshan Kumar (representing today's confused youth) and of course Pallavi Joshi (who represents the other side of the dark hands misguiding the youth). All of them rose above their craft. Kudos to Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri and his Crew for making a film on these suppressed or ignored truths. It needs courage to tell the truth. That is exactly what you have done, guys! Those who want to know true genocide happened in the recent times within India, do go and watch Kashmir Files. Keep aside your political ideologies for some time. Just think of humanity. Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri, hats off to you and expecting many more files to be opened on the Big Silver Screens. Vivek Ranjan Agnihotri.

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profvarma said...

Excellent review. I am yet to see the film
I watched the film TASHKENT GILED .That is also very good

profvarma said...

Tashkent Files