My Pressure Cooker :: Archana Unni


                  One of my friend's value laden words made me to write something about my home. I thought out of box and our old Pressure Cooker has come to my mind, which has become a part and parcel of my kitchen for about ten years without making much complaints.

                  Obviously it is offering a lot of services to a working lady like me, whose each minute is precious during the early hours of the dawn. To prepare the daily menu would be a tough task for me without its help. I can't cook variety of yummiest dishes for my family with in the limited time and with the least loss of energy without it.
                  When it strikes four, I would be in the kitchen and I feel my Pressure Cooker would be busier than me. It reduces the time and the usage of L P G. It also frees me from washing many pans, cookwares etc. Moreover I can serve healthy dishes to my family.
                   If we handle anything with care,that won't cheat us. It is also true in the case of my Pressure Cooker. We should always keep in mind the proverb ' Haste is Waste.'
                   In short, I can't imagine my kitchen without my old n sweet Pressure Cooker.