• Ripe Banana -3, 
  • Rice Flour-3 spoons, 
  • Corn Flour-4 spoons, 
  • Sugar – 1/2 cup, 
  • Honey-1 tea spoon, 
  • Seasme Seeds, oil for frying 

  • Cut banana to 1cm thick pieces. 
  • Sprinkle little Corn Flour over the banana pieces and mix well. 
  • Mix remaining corn flour and rice flour. 
  • Pour enough water to make a running dough not too thick and not too thin. 
  • Heat oil in a deep pan. 
  • Dip each banana piece in the dough and fry till golden brown. 
  • Remove excess oil if any by pressing slightly in tissue paper. 
  • In a shallow pan heat the sugar adding 1 tea spoon of water till it melts and turns to light brown. 
  • Mix honey in this. 
  • Now dip each banana piece in this roll over seasme seed dip in ice water. 
  • This process should be done a bit faster since the sugar syrup should not be over done or crystalised. 
  • This toffee is done normally with green kela but it is tastier when done with kerala banana (etha pazham).

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