Statement issued by Academicians and Citizens


Statement issued by Academicians and Citizens

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It is highly condemnable that the honourable Governor of Kerala Anf Mohammed Khan was physically heckled and threatened by Marxist historian Irfan Habib at the inaugural session of Indian History Congress at Kannur University The left delegates rushed at the Governor shouting slogans after he spoke about ongoing anti CAA agitation in various parts of the country. He in fact was responding to the controversial and wrong comments made by Irfan Habib and other previous speakers regarding CAA

The honourable Governor explained that he had come with a prepared speech and since they raised such points it was his duty to clarify such errorsas he had the responsibility to protect the constitution of the country Irfan Habib tried to disrupt the speech when he quoted Maulana Abul Kalam Azad and shouted at him to quote Godse He pushed Honourable Governor's ADCiand Security Officer who prevented his unseemly gesture The Police on duty to maintain the law and order unfortunately did not discharge their duty to prevent the undemocratic, uncivilized and brutal actions made by the left leaning delegates Shockingly the police remained a mute spectator to this hooliganism by the historian and the audience which is also a huge secuntyissue The Governor stormed out of the venue after he felt the National Anthem was also insulted He said they have every right to protest against him but cannot shut him down He asked him to adopt Gandhian methods'and prepare for dialogue

We demand strong legal action against the ruffians who physically attacked the Governor and insulted National Anthem, We strongly vindicate the Kerala Governor Arif Mohammed Khan who said that when delegates shut the door for debate and discussion, they are promoting violence. We, the Academic Community strongly condemn the barbarism and hooliganism by the Indian History Congress delegates which threatens our academic transparency and scholarship paving the way for Stalinism and violence. We appeal to all the peace loving and democratic people to strongly condemn this uncivilized attempt and extend support to the Honourable Governor. 

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