Kadu Manga / Kanni Manga ( Traditional Achar without Synthetic Preservatives )


  • Tender mango with small stems-1 Kg, 
  • Cleansed sea salt 1/2 kg, 
  • Red chilly powder 400 gms, 
  • mustard powder-250gm, 
  • Gingelly oil 300ml, 
  • Asafoetida -25gm, 
  • Water – boiled and chilled. 

Utensils and other items : 
  • China bowl with lid, 
  • Clean white cloth, 
  • Shell of 4 or 5 raw cashew.
  • Big steel vessel enough to mix, 
  • Wooden spatula, 
  • 1 glass or steel bowl extra. 

Preparation :
  • Remove stems and wash mangoes.
  • Wipe out water.
  • Layer mango and salt in the china bowl. 
  • Close and keep for 10 days. (water will ooze out automatically and mangoes will shrink) 
  • Heat oil in a pan and add asafoetida. 
  • Fry slowly till it gets dark brown (almost burned look). 
  • Remove the asafoetida and cool the oil. 
  • Keep aside. 
  • Now take out the bowl and separate mango and water. 
  • Mix chilly powder and mustard powder in the separated water. 
  • While mixing see the consistency is not too thin. 
  • So add water slowly. 
  • Now add the mangoes. 
  • Mix well and transfer to the bowl again. 
  • Never touch with hands. 
  • The filled mixture should be almost full in the bowl. 
  • Cut a piece of cloth and put on the top, covering the mixture completely. 
  • Pour the oil. Place the cashew shells above it and close the lid. 
  • Cover again with two or three layers of cloth and tie it tightly. 
  • Keep in a cool dark place. 
  • Do not refrigerate. 
  • This will be ready by 3 months and if not opened will remain for more than 3 years. 
  • Note:while choosing mangoes see the tender mangoes are of size not exceeding that of a date and are very sour & sappy. 
  • Chilli should be dried WELL removing stems and seeds
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