The tantrums of the helpless box ! :: Nanditha Sivadas


The sun rises in the east and sets in the west. is a universal truth, but for me it is the other way around, when the whole world is put to sleep,,, I’m made to work..., as if I have an entirely different biological clock !!

The sight of the red button on the remote gives me an eerie feeling, and I look at it with a deep sense of contempt..... ,. 

Waiting all day in this room with pastel coloured walls. 

First and foremost as any explanation should proceed: I can first give you a detailing about my surroundings, the room is medium sized filled with a big brown sofa (mainly catering to the obese lad in the house and the tons of food and Pepsi cans that he gnaws at, and it almost fills up a quarter of the room), a slightly inclined table with a torn sheet and and rusty vase sans flowers on it. 

Two small windows which are only half open (to add further points to the chart of misery) with dull curtains hung on them... an ugly rug on the floor. 

A rack for the shoes which usually gives room for smelly socks and dirty boots. 

And in a corner, u can see books, newspapers, toys, and what not, all together, the above mentioned paraphernalia gives it a tacky, depressing, and irritating shade of a junkyard, and here I’m situated right in front of the mammoth sofa, with no one to dust me, no one to quieten my creaky sound, and no one to tend to the scratches on ma beautifully built physique.

There was a time when I was watched with awestruck silence and a twinkle in the eyes, and was bargained by many a man.....which all gave me a snobbish and haughty conviction about my bright future. But as usual the gallows humour always gets you right on to the ground, and here I’m in the midst of this completely overpowering mess.

I started dreading the tick of the clock, and that too mostly when it strikes 7.00 pm. The thin grumpy lady comes with a ladle in her arms and drops of perspiration on her forehead, and makes a go for the tiny alarming button on the so called rectangular piece of artefact (which is lovingly called by these people around me as a “REMOTE” and drives me into the most tragic dilemma of playing the schmaltzy, idiotic Hindi soaps, in which a man marries every year, a woman remains pregnant for 3 consecutive years, and a 5 year old child speaks like a Casanova in search of his love ...well this goes on until the tiny toddler comes to my help, with a mission of having his food and the grumpy lady is forced to switch on to lighter, happier channels like cartoons, which may have no sense at all in them but will manage to squeeze a laugh out of u. 

Then at nine comes the huge, stout master of the house with a big lacy moustache, and a big round spectacle which keeps dropping off his nose now and then. He switches on the news channel which opens the world of knowledge in front of me which I could not even once comprehend and I stay as if I’m lurching in the dark to find a lost candle to enlighten ma dear self. 

I always give out a sigh of relief when this moving encyclopaedia goes to rest, which he emphatically shows with a waiver of his hand and a bark from his throat, as this happens to be the green signal for me. But I am only happy for a few minutes, i.e. till the biggest fish of the lot: the obese, pasty faced looking brat, comes out and begins his share of atrocity on me, the “WWf” Picturizing a group of men with muscles as huge as the elephant, and face as fierce as a lion coming in and pouncing on each other, with no exciting end to the same. Either of them falling and another geek over there coming and lifting up the hand of the one who is standing and both of them start jumping. And roaring. phewww...
Me as an individual also have a life, also do have a heart, Also have interests which I’m never able to exhibit or experience, how I wish that I could dance on my wheels to some music being played, how I wish I could laugh to the jokes on some comedy channel... oh how I wish I could drool over the women in fashion channels... oh how I wish...... and there goes my never ending list.... 

When this obese bit of brat goes he switches off my power, and there I stay still as a statue, petrified as a victim, and alone as a ghost ... till the next round of vicious torture begins...