Gopika R P :: Tears of blood

Tears  of blood
-- Poem by Gopika R P

He sweats and pants 
He drags his feet 
Hot rays of the Sun
Had reddened his eyes, 

More reddish than the bricks he bore
Aren't they tears of  blood? 
Will the heat of his eyes 
Warm the heart of the father Sun? 

Off went the hands which are to feed,
Who  knows for sure
where they've  vanished?
Plunging him into the depth of  grief,

What celestial hands will lift him 
Off the ditch, he is in 
And pet him with the warmth 
Of love 
So that his crushed face 
Will glow 
With tints of cheer
That last for ever.

Gopika. R P, 
H S For Boys  Thevalakara, Kollam.

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Anil Kumar S said...

Truly amazing Poem Gopika Teacher. Hats off. Thanks for sharing