Ram R Nair :: The young new generation is looking for....


Photo by Naveed Ahmed on Unsplash

The young new generation is looking for... 
India to be on the top be it in sports, arts or economy. 
We vote for those who stand with us in the race for development.
  • We do not tolerate discrimination by religion
  • We do not tolerate racism
  • We do not tolerate theatrics in the name of politics.
  • Politicians should be taught what their duty is once they are elected
  • Its not for your personal glory but you are responsible for the 1.5 Billion whom the world call Indians. 
How can we achieve this? 

1. Demolishing the current political scenario in India. 
  • Demolish the corrupt century old political families, narcistic leaders and their blind followers. Is it possible in an overnight? 
  • Giving strength to Indian Judiciary and the President of India might help in accelerating this change. 
  • Without it we will be in a quick sand condition. 
  • Changing the way of thinking is difficult, revolution or aggressive changes in rules are needed.
2. Abolishing the political TV channels, and instead, promote channels for the people without links to the ruling or opposition parties.

3. Art, education and student body reforms.
  • Its hightime we change. APJ Abdul Kalam's India 2020 is just 15 days away from deadline, 
  • Look where we are. 
  • We want India to be in the forefront not succumb to the depths of anarchy and economic crisis.