My Window :: Nanditha Sivadas


Sushama mam gave us all chocolates, and she wrote on the big blackboard in our 5th std classroom  
"Happy Summer Vacation”.
All my classmates gleamed with excitement and happiness, my bench mate Aniket kept on looking at the clock, and when each minute passed by, he kept on crossing one out of the 15 lines he had drawn on the white paper in his notebook,....there was that wiry little girl Minnie who jumped from one point in the classroom to another (for which I truly disliked her, a really jumpy and irritating crackpot).
The whole classroom was noisy, and for the first time Sushama mam din't loose her cool, and set out to humour the kids in her class who were exhibiting their crazy pranks. 

Aniket counted 10... 9...... 8...... 7..... 6..... 5.....4.....3....2.....1..... AND ........ the school bell struck thrice, and all my classmates jumped from their seats shouting Hurraaayyyyy, no class for 2 months, yaaayyyy !!!!

Well that’s when I felt the real pinch, the realities.....
I wouldn’t see any of my friends for the coming 2 months, would miss my hopscotch sessions during the games period, would miss travelling by Raghu uncle's auto (in which he always gave me a special seat by the side) ..... weren’t as horrifying as the fact that I would be all alone in the huge mansion in which we stayed (of course there will be that snobbish and ill mannered maid Sarala, who does not interest me in any way, either by her behaviour nor by the food she prepares for me).

My parents are both working, they say they are software engineers and my dad calls himself a successful err ....... what u say project manager and mom calls herself as the Sr Hr ... and both leave home early morning before I wake up and come back after I sleep. They always have big bags on their shoulders and opens them to take out something that looks like a suitcase and they keep playing on it all day. 

I have a small baby sister of age 2 and she is left with granny in our native place as mom and dad are too busy with work. So when the school closes, I am left all alone in this mansion with the maid.

I got down from Raghu uncle's auto, and opened the gate and walked towards my house, which in spite of living in it since I was born, failed to give me any warmth or sense of belonging to it, and I knocked at the door and Sarala with an artificial smile on her face opened the door and took me in and asked lazily
Manu what would you like to have for tea:?
I murmured something and went to my room which I considered the only area where I could breathe in peace ... and I changed my clothes and took milk from Sarala and again went back to my room, .... 
My room was special in every way, it’s got pink paint all over, pink bedspreads and pink pillows, a small pink table with a pink tiny lamp on it, and in one corner, I have ma dolls and cycle, and video games kept... there is also a small painting which my mummy got me as a birthday gift, which says “you mean the world to me” and it’s got a lady kissing her kid on her lap (which I couldn’t relate to at all). In the whole room I had things gifted to me by my parents, trying to prove how much they love me.......(but somehow I never felt convinced with all these).

I looked sideways and my heart leapt with joy, there in the right most corner of my room was placed MY WINDOW, fully transparent.... with brown coloured panes, and I threw it open,,, 
People may wonder how a window can be so special, but for a loner like me, it was more dearer than any of the wonderful things in my was my only source to connect with the outside world, it brought me visions of beautiful trees, vehicles moving... it brought in raindrops’ when it poured heavily.... (I was not allowed to play in the rain.), it made me see people walking on the roads and my mind would wander away framing stories... about their lives about which I am totally unaware of. 

There was a granny who walks across and she would give me a sweet smile and wave, sometimes she would also stand by to give me few words of affection. 

Oh one must stand by my window when there is a breeze. It really sweeps you of your feet. And I dance around my room, feeling the fresh air all around me. 
Sometimes, I really do feel that my window talks ... because; it was like a canvas on which beautiful portraits were drawn. it happens to be my only companion, in this whole house which tells me things that I like, which makes me see only happiness, and which helps me enjoy everything that I am deprived of..

And I thought and thought..... Looking outside, regardless of the amount of time I spent there... I suddenly heard the banging sound at the gate and the tick of the clock that indicated 10 pm in the night, and I realised with mixed feelings that my parents are home; the bang on the gate was a signal for Sarala to run and open the gate for them... 

I didn't know whether to be happy about the small kiss on my cheek, a mechanical hug and the 'Dairymilk Silk' that I would get once they are home, or whether to be sad about waiting till morning, for my parents to leave so that I can again get hold of my most favourite companion... and listen to its never ending enchanting stories.