Extinction Knocks At Door :: B K Sudha Nedunganoor


Women were loved and revered in past
As mother, the virtue, love and care.
Great many grandfathers told in past
Never should do her any torture.

But now she stands incarnation
Of helplessness and frustration!
Day by day in marriage fare
Her pride and morale go more dire

Dowry price-tag hangs on girls
To bargain well in world wide malls.
Even after marriage every woman
Melts in taunts and humiliation.

Prey to harassment of own men
Hide and toil in family women
A serving maid she makes daily feast
And surrender to thirst of lust and crime

Threats and torture lose her faith
In herself like a nestless bird.
Murder after ceaseless molestation
Done to even infant girls on roads

Media celebrate rapes and crimes
To thrill and grow such mad beasts more.
Wombs of mothers burn in fear
Who bore girl children for this world

Walls of universe break in wails
Of such mothers every day.
As a mother I find myself
The only guardian to my daughters,

In horror and shock I behold in front
The dark and insecure future of them.
Restless, helpless, lone I lay
Sleepless to guard them with out winks.

O fellow humans, lend me years
I have one thing to remind all;
While our lisping infant girls
Are chewed and spit off by lusty beasts,

How do you stay unscrupulous, still?
Have you became heartless machines?
Wake up, behold, know yourself, this
Burning world, where you are !!

Open your eyes, get alert soon,
Do what needed without delay.
Mothers may take such decisions bold,
Not to bear any girls in their wombs !

If you heedless stay any more,
Beware Extinction knocks at door!
The great and glorious human race
That reign on earth may perish for ever!

Sudha Nedunganoor